Classic Indoor Balloon Decor

Classic Indoor Balloon Decor & Deliveries 

****Covid Notice: We are dedicated to keeping our customers and staff safe. We can provide social distance & contact free deliveries of long lasting indoor balloon decor. We will make your creation, then deliver it to your doorstep, step back and call/knock for you to come outside and retrieve your delivery. You can then bring it inside and enjoy all the smiles and joy they bring.

Here at Blank Canvas we provide balloon decorating services for everything from whimsical parties to the most sophisticated events. 

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 Balloon are cost effect ways to add color and volume to a room

  • Add them to an entry to make a statement.
  • Put them on or behind a focal table to add interest.
  • Place them by or over the dance floor to define the space.
  • Use them as a backdrop for photos
  • They are a great way to color and fill an empty space.

*Prices do not include delivery/strike fees or any applicable taxes. These fees will vary by job.

 $75 Order Minimum.

 Balloon Products and Prices